An alternate configuration of the PDN without the added space and weight of batteries when access to power for AC or DC plug-in is a given.


The PDN LITE is a secure, mobile emergency comms case provisioned with all the hardware and software components needed to deploy a pop up network on the go. It’s a rugged closed-case Solution that becomes the ultimate “WiFi Hotspot”, “Network-In-A-Box”, and a ready, accessible “go kit” for cellular, digital-data communications. The PDN utilizes high-gain cellular connectivity to allow its end-users to access and push & pull digital-data as needed per application. The PDN LITE is ideal for users who need a mobile, secure and private Internet connection, but know they’ll have access to power for AC or DC plug-in.


  • Onboard Cellular Gateway: Router/Modem (Single or Dual Modem)
  • Cellular Antenna: Single Dome, High-Gain, Omnidirectional
  • AC/DC Power Sourcing
    • Cable Pouch for operating: AC Power Cord, DC Power Cable with 12v Auto Connector, DC Power Cable with 2.5mm Barrel Connector, 2 Ethernet Cables
    • 2 External LAN/WAN Ethernet Configurable Ports
    • Quick-Connect Harness System
  • Rugged, Impact Resistant Case
  • TSA Travel-Friendly FAA Compliant—Both Checked Luggage and Carry-On
  • WiFi Hotspot
  • Enterprise Networking
  • GPS Tracking


  • Operating Temperature Range: -22°F to 158°F (-30°C – 70°C)
  • Lightweight: Approx. 12 lbs.; Dual Dock Option: 14 lbs.
  • Projects WiFi Access up to 700 – 900 ft.
  • Antenna Signal Reception: 40+ Miles to Access Cell Tower Based on Line-of-Sight

What's Inside

  • Quick Start / Troubleshooting
  • Antenna
  • 110-120V AC Input
  • 12V DC Input
  • Data Ports (Ethernet)
  • Cable Pouch
  • Field Manual
  • Cellular Gateway
  • Router
  • Power Button

How It Works

The PDN LITE from DH Wireless Solutions is provisioned with all the hardware and software components to deploy a network on the go. Get a portable data network solution featuring secure, closed-case, network-in-a-box technology. The PDN LITE model provides real-time communications with wireless Internet and WiFi hotspot connectivity, similar to mobile phone technology, but with high-powered components to deliver Internet, WiFi, and voice connectivity in extreme conditions and remote locations. Our PDN units have powerful on-board modems and routers and built-in omnidirectional high-gain antennas, capable of accessing cell towers over 40 miles away (depending on line of sight), and projecting WiFi access for users up to 900 feet away. As an easy-to-use, closed-case solution, the PDN functions in the closed, latched position. To activate your PDN LITE, simply:

  • Plug in the PDN LITE with AC or DC power source.
  • Activate gateway by pressing Power Button near handle; button will illuminate indicating the unit is active. Within minutes the gateway will connect to the cellular network and provide available connectivity for passing data
  • Locate the available PDN LITE WiFi network in your device.
  • Log your device into the available PDN LITE network with your credentials.

In just minutes, you’ll establish a secure, Internet connection.