Dual Cellular Router Built to Provide Unbreakable Connectivity at an Affordable Price

Peplink UBR LTE

Dual-cellular router built to provide unbreakable connectivity at an affordable price. Comes with PrimeCare, making it easy to set up SpeedFusion-powered networks.

The UBR LTE provides an all-in-one WAN solution for industrial deployments with GE WAN, 4X GE LAN, and 2X LTE connectivity as well as Peplink’s SpeedFusion SD-WAN bonding technology.

DIN mounts and Molex power connectors let the UBR LTE integrates seamlessly with your existing equipment racks. In addition, the fanless, ruggedized chassis supports an extended operating temperature range.


  • 1x GE WAN Port
  • 4x GE LAN Ports
  • 2x LTE Modems
  • SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding
  • Recommended Users: 1-60
  • Router Throughput: 120 Mpbs