Industry’s smallest SD-WAN platform

SpeedFusion Engine

The SpeedFusion Engine allows users to add bonding capabilities to a variety of network setups. Two embedded cellular modems and a wired WAN port give you up to three connections, which can be bonded with unbreakable VPN for faster data uploads and downloads.

You have a product that needs to get connected anytime, anywhere. The best solution is to integrate unbreakable connectivity into your product. The SpeedFusion Engine helps you integrate SpeedFusion SD-WAN into your product, overcoming several key

Ultra-Compact SpeedFusion SD-WAN. The SpeedFusion Engine fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to integrate into your existing products.

Combine the Bandwidth of Two Cellular Connections. With a Peplink router at HQ, SpeedFusion SD-WAN technology combines 2 cellular connections to ensure reliable connectivity, no matter where you deploy.

Plug-n-Play Integration, Low Power Consumption. With an Ethernet port, a USB port, and 10W consumption, the SpeedFusion Engine can integrate with your devices without complicated software porting.


  • WAN Interface: 1x FE; 1 or 2x Embedded LTE Modems
  • LAN Interface: 1x FE; ax USB port
  • USB LAN Port: Micro-USB B
  • Recommended Users: 1-60