NetCloud Perimeter – Cloud VPN

A Software-defined Perimeter to securely connect M2M and IoT devices to a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN).

Creating a Software-Defined Perimeter

Enterprises use NetCloud Perimeter, a service that leverages Software-Defined Perimeter technology, to spin up virtual networks in the cloud that protect IoT devices.

These invitation-only overlay networks utilize a private address space, eliminating the need for routable IPs on the Internet and obscuring them from the reach of potential hackers. They also isolate IoT traffic from different devices and from trusted networks (example: keeping IoT devices off the corporate WAN).  The “cloud” is how Cradlepoint orchestrates, deploys, and manages its perimeter-secured overlays, which can reach anywhere across the Internet.

In IoT use cases—especially utilizing sensors—data must be securely and directly connected to the cloud so it can be leveraged to inform business decisions and boost efficiencies. Device-to-cloud overlay networks are what communicate the connection between IoT devices and the cloud. This is the “why” behind perimeter-secured overlay networks.

NetCloud Perimeter is deployed directly on IoT devices, laptops, tablets, and smartphones that run Linux, OS-X, Windows, Android, or iOS with the NetCloud Client. A NetCloud Gateway is deployed into a NetCloud Perimeter when a Cradlepoint router (or other physical or virtual Linux server) runs the NetCloud Client in gateway mode. With a NetCloud Gateway, any IP-based device (e.g. printers, NAS, cameras, sensors, etc.) can be connected to the overlay network without the NetCloud Client installed.


  • Virtual APN: Works with or without a private APN.
  • Private IP Addressing: Devices cannot be reached from the Internet.
  • Block Inbound Traffic: Fully routable without a public/static IP or open inbound ports.
  • Micro-segmention: isolate devices from other devices and networks.
  • Access control: Invite-only authentication and admin-controlled access.