ATU & TTU Series – Asset Trackers

Compact lower end GPS and cellular enabled asset trackers.

Asset Trackers

Long-lasting, compact asset and cargo devices for a variety of environments and applications. GPS and cellular enabled for tracking and data backhaul, with battery for backup power or deployment on non-powered assets.


  • Compact, sensitive GPS
  • PEG™ for monitoring and alerting external conditions
  • PULS™ for remote device updates and configuration
  • Battery for backup power or deployment on both powered and non-powered assets
  • Cellular connectivity for data backhaul and over-the-air configuration
  • Fully integrated with CalAmp software solutions, platform, and CalAmp Telematics Cloud


The ATU-620 is an ideal solution for managing assets that will be deployed for long periods without maintenance needs.
The TTU-720 is a complete trailer and asset tracking product designed for reliable, multi-year deployments.
The TTU-1200 trailer tracking product includes a rechargeable battery pack.
The TTU-2830 weatherproof trailer tracking product is a complete vehicle tracking and communications device.

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