Low Profile – Private Wireless & Cellular Antenna

Compact enclosed antenna for custom wireless ranges or LTE Cellular connectivity.

Low Profile Antennas | MLPV Series

PCTEL’s MLPV antennas provide superior pattern coverage for mobile and fixed applications from 380 MHz to 6 GHz. Their design provides industry leading wideband performance and reliability, with minimum loss and no tuning required. Multi-band

versions are also available. All models feature an attractive, compact housing environmentally tested for both indoor or out. Antennas can be purchased separately, or as a kit assembly with the MVPHP mount for permanent installations (VP option).


  • Attractive, low-profile design for maximum overhead clearance
  • Industry leading wideband performance provides outstanding coverage acrossmultiple frequency bands with no tuning required
  • Wideband, multi-band, and no ground plane models available
  • “Easy grip” HD models available
  • N Female termination option available on select models (VP Option)

Low Profile Vertical LTE Antenna | BMLPVMB/LTE

The BMLPVMB/LTE low profile vertical antenna provides superior multi-band pattern coverage for mobile or fixed applications operating in frequencies from 698 MHz to 2700 MHz. This antenna is designed to provide industry lead- ing wideband performance and optimal coverage of LTE frequencies, with minimum loss and no tuning required. It features an attractive, compact hous- ing that makes the antenna ideal for indoor or outdoor applications requiring minimum visibility to the antenna. PCTEL’s high efficiency permanent mount is recommended for most efficient performance.


  • Attractive, low profile design
  • Multiple band coverage with no tuning required
  • Can be used for mobile and fixed base applications • Environmentally tested to MIL-STD-810F