PN, PND Series – Directional Cellular Antenna

Low cost, pole mounted, directional cellular antennas.

PN, PND Series Directional Cellular Antennas

The PND10-700/2700 is a low-cost, high performance 2 x LTE MIMO Directional  Panel. This antenna comes with full MIMO capability for 695-960, 1710-2170, and 2400-2700 MHz with an impressive 9-10 dBi gain range. It comes standard with two N Jack connectors on the backside of the radome, and can easily be pole mounted with the attached mounting brackets. The radome is made of an ASA UV inhibitive gray plastic. The PND10-700/2700 offers a fantastic high performance, low cost antenna solution for directional LTE.


  • Directional Panel
  • 2x LTE MIMO 700-2700 GHz
  • Low cost fixed solution for 2x LTE MIMO
  • High gain performance (9 dBi – 10 dBi)
  • Dual Slant polarization (+45o, -45o)