LTM Series – Cellular, Wi-Fi & GPS Antenna

The LTM antennas include Cellular, WiFi, and GPS antennas all in one solution.

LTM Series Multiband Surface-Mount Antenna

The LTM Series are designed to provide full MIMO (multiple-input-mltiple-output) coverage across the LTE Cellular band: 694-894 MHz & 1.7-2.7 GHz with the option of adding full MIMO coverage for the WiFi band 2.4 7 4.9-6.0 GHz.

Three models are available, offering 3-5 cables/antenna elements as presented in the table below.  The LTM301 contains two LTE Cellular antennas along with GPS.  The LTM401 adds one WiFi antenna to the mix.  The LTM501 contains five separate antennas, all in one compact housing: two LTE Cellular antennas, two WiFi antennas as well as one GPS antenna.


  • Dual Multiband cellular antennas
  • Surface and Mag-mount options
  • Multiple dual-band Wi-FI antennas
  •  GPS antenna for fleet management solutions


WiFi MIMO Antenna
WiFi MIMO Antenna
Fleet Management Antenna
WiFi MIMO Antenna
Mag-Mount Antenna