Phantom Fin FHQ Series – Cellular, Wi-Fi & GPS Antenna

Threaded Bolt Fin style antenna that incorporates Cell/WIFI/GPS/VHF & UHF all in one housing.

Phantom Fin FHQ Series

The Laird Phantom Fin multiband 4-port antenna provides an excellent solution for the public safety, transportation and aftermarket fleet applications. The Phantom Fin multiband antenna integrates 4G/LTE, GPS, UHF and WLAN SISO operation into one IP67 rated aerodynamic housing. The Phantom Fin requires only (1) one single hole mount/fixing which reduces vehicle damage, cost of installation and visual impact.


  • One (1) single hole mount/fixing which reduces vehicle damage installation cost.
  • Attractive, IP67 rated aerodynamic housing excellent for overt and/or discrete installations.
  • 4 port Multiband 4G/LTE,GPS,UHF, and WLAN frequency operation.