AP-Router-CCWW – Cellular & Wi-Fi Antenna

A low profile high gain cellular and wifi combination external antenna designed for in-building use.

AP-Router-Double Cell/LTE Double WiFi

This is the low profile high gain Double Cellular/ LTE & Double WiFi (at 2.4 & 5 GHz for 802.11a b g n, ac) combination external antenna designed for in-building use to provide a superior cellular and WiFi data experience. Typically, the location of an in-building router is not ideal for Cellular and WiFi signals. With the AP-Router-Double Cell/LTE/ Double WiFi Antenna, you can move the antenna to an area where the signal is better, resulting in faster data throughput speeds.


  • MIMO Technology: The AP-Router-Double Cell/ LTE/Double WiFi uses Multiple-In, Multiple Out Cellular and WiFi antennas to increase the data throughput, giving you the fastest possible speeds.
  • Low profile design great for desktops, cabinets or ceiling. The discrete look blends in with the office setting. For best performance place the antenna outside of the building, ideally on the roof.
  • Comes with metal ground plane disc Included.The ground plane disk is required for proper antenna performance. Alternatively, the antenna can be placed on a metal surface (parallel to the ground) without using the disc.
  • Connects to Cellular/LTE and WiFi modems with dual external RF ports.
  • Get faster data throughput speeds for your in-building cellular router or modem