AP-CC – Cellular Antenna

Double Cell/LTE Antenna for mobile uses such as sales, service, and public safety.

AP-Double Cell/LTE Antenna

This is a all-in-one, low profile, high gain external antenna that provides 2 Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) Cellular/LTE antennas for the fastest data throughput, connecting to wireless data modems on the 3G/4G LTE wireless networks. This is typically used by mobile road warriors (sales, field service, and public safety).


  • Enhanced Data Speeds: Using our MIMO antenna, the fastest data throughput speeds are achieved on the LTE network, on the up and down link.
  • Bigger Wireless Footprint AP-Double Cell/LTE Antenna provides up to 25% more wireless coverage, depending on the geography you travel in.
  • Long Product Life — Low Profile Design. The AP-Double Cell/LTE Antenna stands only 2 inches (51 mm) high. It withstands all of the natural elements, car washes, and being swept by tree branches. Small and Portable.
  • Small and Portable: The AP-Double Cell/ LTE Antenna comes in three mounting styles: threaded bolt, adhesive, and magnetic.
  • Connects to Wireless data modems with 2 MIMO ports, Mobile Access Routers, Wireless Gateways and modems with 2 LTE MIMO capability.