Antennas & Boosters

Antennas & Boosters

Resource partnerships with the best antenna and booster manufacturers in the industry.

  • Airgain


    Airgain Inc. is a global provider of high performance wireless communications platforms for Embedded Smart Home, Industrial IoT/M2M, Mobile, Fleet, and Public Safety applications.

  • Laird


    Laird is the leading supplier of high quality antennas engineered for cellular, two-way radio, wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, LPWAN, ISM, and a wide range of IoT/M2M applications.

  • MobileMark


    Mobile Mark, Inc. is an antenna manufacturer and supplier to wireless companies throughout the world, offering innovative designs, quality manufacturing, and reliable performance.

  • FreeWave


    FreeWave offers long-range, reliable, rugged wireless data links via Industrial Wi-Fi Technology for energy, manufacturing, agriculture, universities, military and more.



    PCTEL antennas and site solutions support networks worldwide, including SCADA for many industries and broadband access.

  • Panorama Antennas

    Panorama Antennas

    Panorama has grown to be a worldwide name in the antenna industry and have been market leaders for the emerging markets of M2M and consumer wireless.

  • Weboost by Wilson

    Weboost by Wilson

    Weboost is devoted to the design and development of CB antennas available with higher gain performance as a result of this long association within the communications field.

  • Cel-Fi by Nextivity

    Cel-Fi by Nextivity

    Indoor/outdoor cellular coverage solution for Mobile and Stationary applications. The evolved signal booster that can amplify cellular signals up to 100 dB, the most advanced technology for improving cellular coverage.

  • Wilson Pro

    Wilson Pro

    Commercial cell phone signal boosters providing reliable reception and coverage for large buildings such as a multi-story building, warehouse, factory, and other commercial spaces.

  • DINspace


    DINSpace offers cellular mounting brackets, patch panels, and accessories for M2M and IoT networking equipment in harsh industrial environments.