Water Treatment & Delivery Parallel Network Solutions

Isolating your water treatment and delivery systems’ mission-critical applications with  Parallel Networking helps protect your operations against attacks and service interruptions.

Water treatment plant - parallel network

Your water treatment and delivery system may have network solutions within building walls that are shared and managed by other entities.  It is crucial separate and keep these entities off your water treatment plants and delivery system’s network, so there are no security breaches where data and communications could be compromised and treatment and delivery interrupted. One of the best ways to boost network security is to leverage a separate router to move specific applications off the primary network and onto a completely separate parallel network dedicated to your mission-critical applications. With parallel networking, water treatment and delivery operations physically segment primary networks into “air-gapped” security zones. Parallel networking breaks up access, deterring intruders in the event of a security breach.

As a systems integrator, DH Wireless Solutions assists with the design and configuration of routers, WiFi, and other devices and applications into separate parallel networks to facilitate secure communications and the efficient collection and quick transfer of critical data. Our solutions allow your IT department to easily set up private network overlays, segmenting users, devices, groups, applications, and resources. Choosing the correct wireless products to meet the technical and security requirements for a parallel network. DH Wireless Solutions has the experience to ensure you realize the most from your investment.

Comprehensive Parallel Networking Solutions for Water Treatment & Delivery Systems

We work closely water treatment and delivery operations to assess and analyze their parallel networking needs. We integrate our OEM partners’ Class I, Div 2 Certified modems, routers, and other ancillary product lines, along with cellular/wireless carrier services. Protect your network, boost security, and protect water treatment and delivery. Our Parallel Networking solutions allow you to:

  • Easily deploy wireless communication technologies with plug & play connectivity
  • Avoid excessive bandwidth consumption
  • Implement enterprise-grade security solutions
  • Connect in essentially any location