Digital Point-of-Sale Signage for Trade Show & Events

Diverse M2M and IoT technologies for Digital Point-of-Sale Signage are transforming the way we market, communicate, and engage trade show and event attendees.

New M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are driving innovative Point-of-Sale (POS) signage for trade shows and events, reinventing and creating new communications and information sharing opportunities. With smart POS signage and wireless connectivity, digital POS is delivering highly-targeted, dynamic advertising and real-time interactive solutions.

As a systems integrator, we assist with the design and configuration of routers, WiFi, digital POS signage, and other devices and applications to streamline  the efficient collection and quick transfer of data. Our solutions offer rugged, durable devices and secure, reliable, robust performance. By adding an M2M module in the remote access communications configuration, your digital signage solutions allow you to:

  • Control and display real-time, intelligent content via the remote communication devices quickly and easily with management tools
  • Deliver quick turn-around times for updating and creating new messages for attendees based on time of day, current events and audience specifics
  • Create positive end-user experiences with interactive signage, kiosks, and mobile apps
  • Boost attendee engagement with live streaming events and share relevant information sharing as they navigate the venue
  • Generate revenue selling digital messaging and displays for exhibitors’ and sponsors’ marketing content

Choosing the correct wireless products to meet your digital POS signage communications, technical, and security requirements is critical. DH Wireless Solutions has the experience to ensure you realize the most from your investment.

We work closely with trade show and event organizers to analyze their digital POS needs. We integrate our OEM partners’ Class I, Div 2 Certified modems, routers, signage, kiosks, and other ancillary product lines, along with cellular/wireless carrier services, to help you optimize your POS solutions.