Wireless Kiosk Solutions

M2M, IoT, and Wireless Kiosk technologies are transforming the customer experience with remote, secure, convenient, transactional access.

Retail Wireless Kiosk

New M2M (Machine-to-Machine), IoT (Internet of Things), and wireless kiosk technologies are making kiosk service solutions more flexible, accessible, and convenient for customers than ever before. Ticketing and information kiosks are more prevalent every day. Airports, train stations, sport venues, and even movie theaters are finding them to be a far more powerful, cost-effective method of customer service. Stand-alone wireless kiosks play an important role in value-added services for customers. But a kiosk without a network connection is not much use, and the need for kiosks to be relocated from time to time presents a networking challenge. Our wireless solutions eliminate that challenge and provides your kiosks with the connectivity and flexibility you demand.

As a systems integrator, we assist with design and configuration of modems, routers, antennas, kiosks and other devices and applications while working with cellular/wireless carriers to bring flexible, scalable, kiosk solutions.Our kiosk systems streamline the efficient, reliable collection and quick transfer of data to facilitate sales transactions. Our solutions offer rugged, durable devices and secure, reliable, robust performance. DH Wireless Kiosk Systems solutions offer:

  • Fast, efficient deployment of kiosks on site and in remote locations
  • Secure connectivity for kiosk transactions and interactions
  • Parallel networking with a secure, direct connection to your internal network to separate kiosk data for public traffic
  • Redundant connectivity for uninterrupted service
  • Reliable connectivity through leading cellular wireless carriers
  • Support for advanced features such as wireless authentication

Choosing the correct wireless products to meet your wireless kiosk network requirements is critical to a reliable, secure solution. DH Wireless Solutions has the experience to ensure you realize the most from your investment.