Wireless ATM Solutions

M2M, IoT, and wireless ATM technologies are transforming the ATM customer experience with remote, secure, convenient account access.

Wireless ATM - Banking

New M2M (Machine-to-Machine), IoT (Internet of Things), and wireless ATM technologies are making ATM services more flexible, accessible, and convenient for bank and independent ATM service customers. While most ATM providers have traditionally relied on wireline connections to process transactions, wireline connections have limitations. They limit placement and relocation options, create security concerns, and can provide a target for vandalism. Public wireless networking technologies now enable banks and independent ATM providers easy, fast, and cost-efficient installation options. Whether it’s for primary or backup connectivity for a shopping center, or connecting a mobile ATM for outdoor events, DH Wireless Solutions can provide the reliable, manageable wireless devices and service you need.

As a systems integrator, we assist with design and configuration of modems, routers, and antennas with ATMs and other devices and applications–while working with cellular/wireless carriers to bring flexible, scalable, ATM network solutions. Streamline and facilitate financial transactions with the efficient, reliable collection and quick transfer of data. Our solutions offer rugged, durable devices and secure, reliable, robust performance. DH Wireless ATM solutions offer:

  • Fast, efficient deployment of ATMs and kiosks on site and in remote locations
  • Secure connectivity for ATM transactions and interactions
  • Parallel networking with a secure, direct connection to your internal network, separating ATM data for public traffic
  • Redundant connectivity for uninterrupted service
  • Reliable connectivity through leading cellular wireless carriers
  • Support for advanced features such as wireless authentication

Choosing the correct wireless products to meet your ATM network requirements is critical. DH Wireless Solutions has the experience to ensure you realize the most from your investment.