Law Enforcement Cellular Failover Solutions

Cellular Failover for law enforcement operations provides wireless backup when your primary source for Internet goes down, for almost seamless connectivity and continuity.

Reliable cellular Internet connectivity with new tools and multiple applications in the hands of law enforcement and public safety officials are empowering police and public safety professionals to respond faster and more effectively than ever. With ever increasing reliance on IOT (Internet Of Things) applications and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) network solutions for law enforcement operations, it’s essential to have a cellular failover backup solution. A wireless failover backup solution to augment your primary wired network is a cost effective way to provide redundant, reliable, secure, continuous connectivity when your primary network goes down.

As a systems integrator, DH Wireless Solutions can assist clients with their design and configuration of routers, WiFi, and other devices and applications into separate cellular failover networks—for secure communications and the efficient collection and quick transfer of critical data. Our solutions automatically detect access issues with wired line connections and provide wireless network connectivity to avoid service interruptions.

Comprehensive Cellular Failover Solutions for Law Enforcement

We work closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to assess and analyze their needs. We integrate our OEM partners’ Class I, Div 2 Certified modems, routers, and other product lines, along with cellular/wireless carrier services. Our cellular failover networking systems help ensure continuous connectivity when experiencing downtime with you primary network. Cellular failover network systems allow you to:

  • Easily deploy wireless communication technologies with plug & play connectivity for reliable cellular failover backup
  • Immediately detect primary network service interruptions
  • Automatically switch to wireless backup connectivity when your primary network fails