Law Enforcement AVL Fleet Tracking

Sophisticated AVL Fleet Tracking technologies for law enforcement agencies optimize fleet management, improving efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Law enforcement AVL fleet tracking

Automatic Vehicle Location (ALV) Fleet Tracking systems for police and law enforcement operations have advanced far beyond tracking vehicles as dots on a map—deploying M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and applications to meet far more sophisticated and expanded demands. AVL systems are delivering unprecedented technological advancements, improving law enforcement situational awareness, incident response times, officer and community safety, and driver and vehicle performance.

You can rely on DH Wireless Solutions for AVL Fleet Tracking systems for solutions with comprehensive capabilities to support your operations, critical communications, data aggregation, data sharing, and analytics. As a systems integrator, we advise clients on design and configuration of AVL Fleet Tracking systems to meet fleet management requirements for police and law enforcement departments of all sizes. Monitor and manage vehicle and asset location, optimize dispatch and field communications, and deploy intelligent mapping and navigation.  Manage fleet operations efficiency with advanced power management, discrete inputs, remote triggered relays, messaging, milage calculations, fuel consumption,  vehicle maintenance, and more.

Complete AVL Fleet Tracking Systems for Law Enforcement

We work closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement organizations to assess and analyze AVL fleet racking needs. We integrate our OEM partners’ modem, router, and antenna product lines, while working with cellular/wireless carriers to bring fully functional, reliable plug-and-play end products. AVL Fleet Tracking solutions provide efficient, secure, proven reliable performance with:

  • Complete AVL Fleet Tracking technologies including 4G routers, WiFi, Bluetooth, PBX, navigation/GPS, remote location Internet access, remote monitoring, incident command, telematics, UAV drones, CAD, RMS, asset tracking & more
  • Rugged, hardened, weather-worthy devices that can withstand extreme conditions including temperatures, moisture, and vibration
  • Small footprint devices that are able to fit in areas where it can be concealed or accessed as needed
  • Secure gateway devices with different capabilities of authentication, authorization, and encryption options
  • A compatible array of multiple connection ports for Ethernet, Serial, and USB for accessing different solutions
  • Remote accessibility for device control and configuration via the cloud