ePCR Solutions for EMS Providers

Diverse cellular Internet, M2M, and IoT technology is transforming patient care with EMS ePCR systems for efficient patient care reporting.

Cellular Internet for ePCR EMS

New cellular Internet, M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are driving innovative ePCR (Electronic Patient Care Reporting) communications, management, monitoring, and reporting for EMS providers.

Your EMS crew can queue up information for scheduled patients prior to your arrival. You can transmit patient vitals, 12-lead ECG, EKG, interventions, treatments, and other critical information in real-time en route to the receiving facility for faster response and better patient care. Upload digital forms for more efficient, accurate reporting and billing.

As a systems integrator, we assist EMS providers with design and configuration of ePCR streamline communications, facilitating the efficient collection and quick transfer of critical data. Our solutions offer rugged, durable devices and secure, reliable, robust performance. Choosing the correct wireless products to meet the technical, security, and HIPAA compliance requirements for ePCR is critical to a reliable solution.

Integrated Mobile EMS and Electronic Patient Care Reporting Solutions

We work closely with EMS providers to assess and analyze their ePCR needs. We integrate our OEM partners’ Class I, Div 2 Certified modems, routers, sensors, monitoring, tracking equipment and other product lines, along with cellular/wireless carrier services, to find EMS ePCR solutions to help you control and manage operations, optimize communications, boost efficiency, lower costs, and improve patient care.