Fire and Rescue Cellular Internet

Get reliable, robust, integrated Internet connectivity with Cellular Internet solutions that streamline fire and rescue operations and communications.

Fire Rescue - Cellular Internet

Single, secure, reliable cellular Internet connectivity with new tools and multiple applications in the hands of first responders are empowering fire and rescue and emergency medical service (EMS) professionals to respond faster and more effectively than ever. At DH Wireless Solutions, we integrate powerful communication technologies into unified communications solutions. As a systems integrator, we assist clients with their systems design to streamline day-to-day fire and rescue operations and communications. Enhance first responders and firefighter safety, public safety, and support tactical deployment efficient application of resources with comprehensive cellular Internet solutions.

Many fire departments, public safety organizations, and emergency medical services are deploying advanced, sophisticated technologies, like Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Fire Records Management Systems (Fire RMS). You can rely on DH Wireless Solutions for integrated M2M (Machine-to-Machine) technology solutions with comprehensive capabilities and compatibility—to support all your critical communications, data sharing, operations and tactical applications. Solutions include call handling and dispatch, intelligent mapping, field communications, data reporting and analysis, along with remote monitoring, navigation, RFID asset tracking, and more.

Diverse Cellular Internet Applications for Fire and Rescue

DH Wireless Solutions Cellular Internet M2M applications support fire and rescue M2M communications and tactical operations in both on site and remote  applications including:

  • Mobile, In-vehicle Cellular Data Communications Technologies: Including 4G routers, WiFi, Bluetooth, PBX, navigation/GPS, remote location Internet access, remote monitoring, incident command, telematics, UAV drones, CAD, RMS, AVL, asset tracking & more
  • Primary Internet: A cost-efficient, Internet access alternative, depending on locations and access to fiber and cable
  • Cellular Failover: Almost seamless, cost-efficient Internet access backup in the event of primary Internet failure and downtime
  • Parallel Networking: Secure, separate networking solutions that run parallel with other networks within building walls that are managed by other entities