Fire and Rescue

  • M2M Communications

    Fast, smart machine-to-machine technology is helping fire and rescue first responders improve communications, response times, and outcomes with reliable M2M connectivity.
  • AVL Fleet Tracking

    Sophisticated AVL Fleet Tracking technologies for fire & rescue operations optimizes fleet management, improving efficiency, productivity, and safety.
  • Parallel Network

    Isolating mission-critical fire & rescue applications on a parallel network protects your operations against attacks on sensitive data.
  • Cellular Failover

    Cellular failover for fire and rescue operations provides wireless backup when your primary source for Internet goes down, for almost seamless connectivity and continuity.
  • Asset Tracking

    Sophisticated Asset Tracking technologies for fire and rescue operations optimize asset management and control, improving efficiency, safety, and security.
  • Remote Monitoring

    Remote monitoring including real-time surveillance and M2M technologies are helping fire and rescue organizations more effectively detect, monitor, and respond to fire and rescue emergencies.
  • Portable Data Network

    Portable network-in-a-box technology for fire and rescue. Carry your closed case, rugged portable data network into the field and activate secure, reliable wireless Internet connectivity in minutes.
  • Cellular Internet

    Get reliable, robust, integrated Internet connectivity solutions to streamline fire and rescue operations and communications.