M2M Communications for Electric Utilities

Secure M2M connectivity solutions—including reliable, robust performance in challenging, remote locations—for energy and electric utility providers.

Utilities M2M

New M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are driving innovative communications, management, monitoring, and control solutions for electric utilities. Smart technologies and wireless connectivity for energy producers are providing data and analytics to improve management of infrastructure, assets, and operations.

You can rely on DH Wireless Solutions for M2M technology solutions with comprehensive capabilities to support your operations, critical communications, data aggregation, data sharing, and process analytics. As a systems integrator, we assist with the design and configuration of M2M systems to streamline communications and the fast, efficient collection and  transfer of critical data. Our solutions support diverse applications including power grid distribution optimization, infrastructure management, substation automation, automated meter reading, transmission and distribution measurement and control, and more.

Choosing the correct wireless product to meet the technical and environmental requirements is critical. DH Wireless Solutions has the experience to ensure you realize the most from your investment.

Complete M2M Solutions for Electric Utilities

We work closely with various energy and electricity utilities to assess and analyze their M2M needs. We integrate our OEM partners’ Class I, Div 2 Certified modems, routers, sensors, monitoring equipment, and other ancillary product lines, along with cellular/wireless carrier services. Optimize control, boost efficiency, lower costs, improve safety, help meet regulatory and environmental compliance, conservation, and sustainability goals. Our custom M2M solutions include:

  • Mobile, Cellular Data Communications Technologies: Including 4G routers, WiFi, remote monitoring, mobile surveillance, UAV drones, asset tracking, & more
  • Rugged, Hardened, Devices: Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including high and low temperature extremes, corrosive ice, snow conditions, dry, dusty, arid environments, vibration, &  more
  • Secure Gateway Devices: With different capabilities of authentication, authorization, and encryption options
  • Primary Internet: Cost-efficient, Internet access for remote locations
  • Multiple Connection Ports: A compatible array for Ethernet, Serial, and USB for accessing different solutions
  • Remote Accessibility: For device control and configuration via the cloud
  • Low Latency: Reliable, multi-service alternatives to high-latency satellite communications