Digital Highway Wireless Solutions

Fire and Rescue

Cellular modems and routers create the perfect gateway to ensure a lot of the digital data can be used in real time to make smart decisions in accomplishing the tasks at hand.

  • Rugged and Hardened - weather-worthy devices that can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Small Footprint - devices that are able to fit in areas where it can be concealed or accessed as needed
  • Secure - gateway devices with different capabilities of authentication, authorization, and encryption options
  • Compatible - an array of multiple connection ports for Ethernet, Serial, and USB for accessing different solutions
  • Remote Accessable - device control and configuration via the cloud


Fire Departments - structural

In your admin buildings, fire houses, and dispatchs, cellular modems and routers can be utilized for:

  • Primary Internet - depending on your locations and access to fiber and cable, cellular may have huge ROI
  • Cellular Failover - when your main source for Internet goes down, cellular backup can be almost seamless
  • Parralel Networking - your department may have solutions within the building's walls that are managed by other entities.  It is crucial to keep these entities off the fire department's network, utilizing their own network in and out of the building, so there are no security breaches where data and communications could be compromised.


Fleet: Fire Apparatus, city vehicles, POV's

In your vehicles, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications play an important role in optimizing digital data resources such as: