Digital Highway Wireless Solutions

Digi Connect Sensor


Battery powered sensor monitoring cellular gateway solution 

The Digi Connect Sensor is a fully integrated, battery powered cellular gateway with I/O for connecting to a wide range of external sensors. Designed to work in rugged industrial environments, the sensor is the ideal solution for companies looking to add remote monitoring in places where power is not easily available. Its easy installation, reliability and low data usage make remote monitoring possible in areas where it was previously cost prohibitive.

Digi Connect Sensor leverages Digi Device Cloud and integration services, enabling customers who need to monitor large numbers od sensors to easily integrate that data into existing applications or work with third-party applications.


Digi Connect Sensor has four analog inputs that can be configured as either a 0-10VDC or 4-20mA current loop input. Each of these for analog inputs has a power output that can be enabled or disabled by the user. The power outputs have a configurable DC voltage level so the Digi Connect Sensor can power almost any sensor. Digi Connect Sensor also has a digital I/O which can be configured for any number of functions.

Beyond a simple digital input or output, the I/O can be configured to count pulses when connected to mechanical switch or pulsed output meters. The Digital I/O can also be configured to wake the device out of sleep mode on a rising and/or falling edge. The Digital I/O, like the analog inputs, has its own power output.