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Airgain Inc. (NASDAQ: AIRG) is a global provider of high performance wireless communications platforms for Embedded Smart Home, Industrial IoT/M2M, Mobile, Fleet, and Public Safety applications. Airgain has 25+ years of experience in the United States servicing Mission Critical Fleet and Public Safety Antenna Applications. The inventor of the low profile Cellular antenna, Airgain is known for market leading performance and customer support, quality, and long product life. Their Low profile, robust, and high-density antennas are designed for deployment in mission critical applications that require highly reliable connectivity, including optimized LTE Band 14 support for FirstNet™ networks. High density multi-band designs provide connectivity for many frequencies, including international cellular/LTE support with MIMO, GNSS, Wi-Fi within the smallest possible form factors. Airgain’s antenna technologies are designed for all environments and can be ordered in configurations that directly pair to the corresponding customer requirements.  Airgain is headquartered in San Diego, CA, and maintains design and test centers in San Diego, Scottsdale, AZ, Cambridge, UK, and China. Airgain antennas are designed and assembled with pride in the USA.