Wireless Communications Systems Integration

Integrate wireless technologies into comprehensive, seamless, end-to-end solutions to optimize communications, M2M, and IoT applications.

DH Wireless Solutions is a wireless communications systems integrator, assisting with design and configuration of wireless technologies supporting M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and IoT (Internet-of-Things) applications for diverse enterprise, industry, and organization verticals. We integrate OEM partners’ modem, router, antenna, and other ancillary product lines, while working with cellular/wireless carriers to bring fully functional, reliable plug-and-play end products. Our solutions support diverse applications including mobile communications, remote monitoring and control, surveillance, navigation, location intelligence, telemetry, fleet and asset tracking, and more—to support operations, critical communications, data aggregation, data sharing, and process analytics.

A Value Added Reseller of Wireless Communications Technologies

We are a Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Systems Integrator for wireless communications technologies and carrier services supporting communications, M2M and IoT applications. We represent and collaborate with multiple communications technology manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. As an independent systems integrator, we choose from multiple products, brands, manufacturers, and services to integrate into wireless communications systems designed, configured, and optimized to meet your specific needs. As your VAR and consultant, you can be confident our recommendations are based entirely on the most effective, efficient, affordable solution for your business or organization—with complete, end-to-end services.

Hardware Compatibility Testing

Many organizations wonder if their existing M2M infrastructure is compatible with cellular devices. DH Wireless Solutions can assist with identifying the optimum hardware components needed, with your ROI in mind. With our vast experience integrating wireless devices across diverse applications, we can assist in making the ideal device choices based on your specific requirements.

Wireless Solutions - M2M

M2M Engineering and Consulting Services

DH Wireless Solutions has played a key engineering and support role in M2M initiatives for over a decade. Our experience and the combined creative intelligence of our staff and network partners offers significant insight into M2M technology to engineer and deploy the most cost effective, sustainable solutions.

Proof-of-Concept Support Services

Most M2M deployments are considered mission critical. Ensuring that the right carrier services, solution, and hardware have been selected is key to determining sustainability. DH Wireless Solutions provides proof-of-concept hardware and engineering support to ensure that your system choices meet specification and performance requirements once fully deployed.

Device Configuration

Device Provisioning and Configuration Services ensure that your M2M deployments are smooth, consistent, and reliable. We provide pre-tested, provisioned and activated devices specific to your configuration needs and ready for deployment—for a highly dependable, successful rollout, without the need for dedicated internal resources for these initiatives.

Cellular Coverage

Granular Coverage Analysis

Determining which carrier network provides the best coverage where you do business is essential. DH Wireless Solutions will assist you in making the best decision for your solution. Coverage analysis services are available.

Carrier Service Provisioning/Activation

DH Wireless Solutions knows the carrier networks and processes needed to correctly activate devices. We’re experienced with troubleshooting cellular devices and navigating cellular carriers’ support infrastructure to resolve carrier issues.

Project Planning and Deployment Services

DH Wireless Solutions project managers assist with system planning and deployment to reduce risk and optimize efficiencies. We are able to ensure your wireless devices are provisioned, activated, fully-tested, and IT asset tagged prior to shipping. We are experienced with deployments of all sizes, including large-scale deployments lasting over 12 months in duration with thousands of devices.

M2M Support Services

DH Wireless Solutions offers a device-level M2M Support Service Program to help you operate, control, troubleshoot, and report on M2M assets.

RMA/Warranty Process

DH Wireless Solutions offers a RMA/Warranty Process Service to avoid No Default Found (NDF) units, eliminating additional fees and lost time for out of service units. We ensure that devices requiring service are repaired or replaced per customer requirements and configurations and firmware are loaded and set to customer specifications. We track and log devices through the process for accurate, up-to-date record keeping, saving time and resources for our customers.

Advanced Replacement

DH Wireless Solutions provides Advanced Replacement Services when expedited replacement of mission critical devices is required, providing same day shipment of fully functional devices to get your system back up and running in as little as 24 hours.

Extended Device Warranties

DH Wireless Solutions offers extended warranties on most devices we sell, offering device warranty options for up to 5 full years to help you optimize the full life of your M2M assets and maximize M2M ROI.