WiFi Suitcase Football

The PDN is a rugged WiFi suitcase football solution you can carry into the field to activate secure, reliable wireless Internet connectivity in minutes.

DH Wireless - PDN - Portable Data Network

The PDN from DH Wireless Solutions is a WiFi suitcase football device, provisioned with all the hardware and software components you need to deploy a pop up network on the go. Get real-time communications with wireless Internet and WiFi hotspot connectivity, empowering users to work faster and more effectively than ever. Users can carry PDN units into the field to establish a portable data network with a secure Internet connection in just minutes.  As an easy-to-use, closed-case WiFi suitcase football solution, the PDN functions in the closed, latched position. Users activate the gateway and bring up the network by simply pressing an external Standby Button. Diverse businesses, industries, and other organizations are deploying WiFi suitcase football technology to facilitate real-time, remote connectivity to optimize communications and collaboration, to improve management, operations, control, security, and safety.


PDN Genesis

An all-in-one, mobile emergency comms case that creates secure network hotspots and runs on rechargeable batteries, AC, or 12V DC power supply.

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An alternate configuration of the PDN without the added space and weight of batteries when access to power for AC or DC plug-in is a given.

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Available in Two Models: Genesis and LITE

Choose which PDN model is right for your application needs, the original Genesis or the smaller compact LITE. Both models are available in a durable case with your choice of orange or dark grey. The Genesis comes equipped with it’s own rechargeable power supply. While the LITE conserves on space and is comparably lighter.

PDN Open Inside View
PDN Genesis S2

A Ready-to-Use WiFi Suitcase Football Solution

Each PDN is a WiFi suitcase football solution, preconfigured, assembled, and set up, ready to use, bundling, wireless network-in-a-box technology. DH Wireless Solutions’ PDN units integrate our OEM partners’ modem, router, cellular antenna, and power source components into a rugged, hardened, weather-worthy, closed carrying case. Every PDN includes device management, on-going training, support services, and a limited warranty with 1, 3 & 5 Year bundle options.