Device Management Applications

Optimize functionality and security and minimize cost and down time for your mobile communications network with Device Management applications.

The easiest way to reduce M2M cellular support costs and business risks is to implement SaaS (cloud-based) Device Management applications from DH Wireless Solutions. These solutions allow your business to control and protect all of your data and gateway configuration settings for every modem/router in your network. Device Management applications optimize the functionality and security of a mobile communications network while minimizing cost and downtime.

Device Management Focus

Specifically, Device Management applications focus on deployment, management, and optimization for effective, efficient network performance and workforce productivity.

  • DEPLOYMENT: Configure devices by groups or individually, and update firmware easily with just a few clicks for installation.
  • MANAGEMENT: Monitor device statuses in real-time and set proactive alerts for optimized 3G/4G data usage and network uptime.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Easy-to-use network analytics that helps optimize WAN traffic that improves network performance and the user experience quality.

Device Management Solutions

We offer enterprise-class device management platforms from leading technology providers. We work closely with diverse businesses, industries, and other organizations to assess and analyze needs, and provide objective recommendations for device management applications that best align with functionality, performance, and security objectives for mobile communications networks. Our solutions include:

CalAmp Device Outlook: A scalable, mobile device management platform providing a centralized location for device administration for secure, reliable access to business-critical information from your remote assets.

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Calamp Device Outlook

Cradlepoint NetCloud Management (NCM): An integrated device management platform ensuring pervasive cloud-based connectivity enabling quick connectivity of people, places, and things for fixed and mobile branch connectivity and secure remote access.

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Sierra AirLink Management Service (ALMS): A secure, cloud-based device management solution that makes it easy to configure, deploy, and remotely manage thousands of AirLink gateways and routers.

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Peplink InControl2: A cloud-based device management tool designed for Peplink and Pepwave devices, featuring advanced administration tools, device visibility, and comprehensive reporting for fleet, device, and WiFi management.

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Digi Remote Manager:  Manage and Control Devices from a Central, Secure Platform to remotely monitor, update and manage Digi TransPort intelligent routers over 3G/4G LTE.

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