Cellular Internet Connectivity Solutions

Get reliable, robust, integrated Internet connectivity solutions to streamline communications and operation for businesses, industries, and other organizations.

Utilities Cellular Internet

Single, secure, reliable cellular Internet connectivity with new tools and multiple applications are empowering business, industry, and other organizations to work more efficiently, effectively, and faster than ever. At DH Wireless Solutions, we integrate powerful communication technologies into unified communications solutions. As a systems integrator, we assist with the design and configuration of  systems to streamline day-to-day operations and communications and facilitate real-time communications and collaboration,  improving management, operations, control, productivity, security, safety, and more.

You can rely on DH Wireless Solutions for integrated M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) technology solutions with comprehensive capabilities and compatibility. Support all your critical communications, operations, data sharing, reporting and analysis, along with remote monitoring, navigation, RFID asset tracking, and more.

Comprehensive Cellular Internet Technology Solutions

We work closely with diverse businesses, industries, and other organizations to assess and analyze their cellular Internet needs. We integrate our OEM partners’ modem, router, and antenna product lines, while working with cellular/wireless carriers to bring fully functional, reliable plug-and-play end products. Our Cellular Internet solutions provide efficient, secure, proven reliable performance with:

  • Rugged, hardened, weather-worthy devices that can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Small footprint devices that are able to fit in areas where it can be concealed or accessed as needed
  • Secure gateway devices with different capabilities of authentication, authorization, and encryption options
  • A compatible array of multiple connection ports for Ethernet, Serial, and USB for accessing different solutions
  • Remote accessibility for device control and configuration via the cloud

Diverse Cellular Internet Applications

DH Wireless Solutions’ Cellular Internet, M2M, and IoT solutions support communications, management, and operations in both remote and on-site applications including:

  • Mobile, Cellular Data Communications Technologies: Including 4G routers, WiFi, Bluetooth, PBX, navigation/GPS, remote location Internet access, remote monitoring, telematics, UAV drones, CAD, RMS, AVL, asset tracking & more
  • Primary Internet: A cost-efficient, Internet access alternative, depending on locations and access to fiber and cable
  • Cellular Failover: Almost seamless, cost-efficient Internet access backup in the event of primary Internet failure and downtime
  • Parallel Networking: Secure, separate networking solutions that run parallel with other networks within building walls that are managed by other entities

Diverse Industry Applications

We custom design, configure cellular Internet solutions for diverse industry applications including: