Business Continuity Backup Communications

A redundant wireless Internet backup communication solution is essential to any business continuity and disaster recovery plan to maintain voice and data communications during connectivity interruptions.

Wireless solutions business continuity

A resilient, redundant, backup communications network is essential to business continuity and disaster recovery plans. From unplanned temporary Internet outages to longer-term natural disasters and man-made threats, losing Internet connectivity and mission-critical communications can jeopardize business and organization operations, productivity, and safety. A cellular, wireless backup network solution from DH Wireless Solutions can provide almost immediate connectivity in the event your wired network goes down. A wireless backup communications network is a reliable, cost efficient solution to protect your business or organization from costly outages, keeping you connected via cellular Internet for business operations continuity during interruptions, including solutions to set up networks remotely, even under dire circumstances.

Cellular Failover

With ever increasing reliance on IOT (Internet of Things) applications and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) network solutions, it’s essential to have a cellular failover backup solution. A wireless failover backup solution to augment your primary wired network is a cost effective way to provide redundant, reliable, secure, continuous connectivity when your primary network goes down.

Parallel Network

Parallel network solutions leverage a completely separate router from the primary network, providing backup communications via a wireless network dedicated to your mission-critical applications. When your wired connection goes down, your wireless parallel network can help ensure business continuity with separate network connectivity.