• Wireless Communications Integration

    Integrate wireless technologies into comprehensive, seamless, customized, end-to-end solutions to optimize communications, M2M, and IoT applications performance.
  • PDN® Portable Data Network

    Portable network-in-a-box technology lets you carry your closed case, rugged PDN into the field and activate secure, reliable wireless Internet connectivity in minutes.
  • Cellular Internet Connectivity Solutions

    Get reliable, robust, integrated Internet connectivity solutions to streamline communications and operation for businesses, industries, and other organizations.
  • Business Continuity

    A redundant wireless Internet backup communication solution is essential to any business continuity and disaster recovery plan to maintain voice and data communications during connectivity interruptions.
  • Remote Monitoring

    Remote monitoring including real-time surveillance and M2M technologies for diverse businesses and organizations to monitor, control, track, and protect assets.
  • Device Management Applications

    Optimize functionality and security and minimize cost and down time for your mobile communications network with device management applications.
  • AVL Fleet Tracking

    Sophisticated AVL Fleet Tracking technologies optimize fleet management, improving efficiency, productivity, safety, and security.
  • SCADA Systems

    SCADA Systems featuring secure machine-to-machine connectivity solutions—including reliable, robust performance in challenging, remote locations—for business and industry.