Digital Highway Wireless Solutions

Trackstar AVLS GPS Tracking Software

The system uses GPS (Global Positioning System) data to monitor the location, movement and status of vehicles in real time and provide that information in the form of on-screen map displays and a variety of reports to the users of the system. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The AVLS system is comprised of 3 primary components:
AVLS Server software
AVLS Database
AVLS Client softwaresystem for managing vehicle fleets.

These 3 components operate together to provide the functions of the overall AVLS system.

The various components of the AVLS system communicate with each other using TCP/IP data over LANs, WANs and WWANs. This function allows remote use of the AVLS Client when desired and the small packet structures inherent in the system design even allow for use of the Client in mobile environments on laptop computers equipped with wireless connectivity.

The Track Star AVLS system supports a wide range of devices that users can select from to form the complete GPS vehicle tracking system. The AVLS system is uniquely able to support devices in various types of cellular communication and radio communication platforms and is even able to allow users to employ combinations of these devices and technologies in the system.

Cellular Devices supported are:  Blue Tree Wireless/Sixnet, CalAmp, DCT Antares, Enfora, Sierra Wireless AirCard product lines

Radio Communications Devices supported are:  CalAmp Data-Radio Gemini series, GE Mercury MDT series, Kenwood LMR series

Support is also provided for generic TAIP and NMEA type devices when not specifically supported otherwise.


The Track Star Smart Antenna / GPS Data Forwarder   This product is intended to allow users of in-vehicle laptop computers, such as Panasonic ToughBook®, a GPS vehicle tracking capability using those laptops. With integral GPS in the laptop, the use of the GPS Data Forwarder software provides the ability to track the laptop.

The Track Star AVLS System also provides:

Analog and Digital Inputs and Outputs

Maintenance Alerting

Map Data

Mobile Device Implementation